Hey there! Welcome to my site, my name is Gloria and I’m a huge tanning enthusiast, not only I love to get that ‘perfect tan’ but I also like the tanning industry so much that I’ve decided to create this website dedicated to everything and anything tanning!

Here you will find honest and professional reviews on each tanning related product that I encounter. My goal is to help other tanning enthusiasts know exactly what products to buy and what products to avoid at all costs, because I believe tanning is a very delicate subject and so are the products used in this industry for us.

Keep in mind that most of the articles and reviews on this site are entirely written by myself with the help from other tanning enthusiasts and people whom I’ve discussed about particular tanning products/brands and how well they should be rated based on quality, safety and end-results.

My ultimate goal is to create my own tanning lotions brand, so stay tuned for that!

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